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Green Architecture

Restaurant Brix 0.1_A sculptural building in

Restaurant Brix 0.1

A sculptural building in Bressanone / Italy is the new landmark in the Lido Park


The new restaurant Brix 0.1, located in the Lido Park in Bressanone / Italy, finally brings an improvement to the green area in the middle of the city.

Like a landmark the building fits inside the natural environment. A simple, but plastically shaped building opens consciously like a funnel to the pond and framed so visually beneficial the shore as well as 2 forward, protected trumpet trees. 
This pavilion thus forms the backbone of the overall composition and becomes the new attraction in the park. The new restaurant BRIX 0.1 in the Lidopark is created in a spatial interplay with a pushed in cuboid space volume, in which the service facilities are accommodated.
The design is characterized by a sculptural building envelope which, like a canopy of roofs, protects the new restaurant area and widens through its wide glass façade visually towards the pond. The building deliberately moves closer to the shore of the pond. Under its cantilevered roof, a protected area is created, which is complemented by a spacious terrace overhanging the pond and thus visually links the restaurant with the water. The "canopy roof and wool " in interaction with the sail over the terrace creates a unique atmosphere in the park.
Spacious glazed windows allow views and views into the new restaurant and link the exterior and interior, making the visit to the park an experience. The skin of volume is formed by corten steel´s leaves that makes an elegant coating for the restaurant below. 
Inside a front-cooking kitchen finds a dialogue with the tables of the clients showing the preparation of her prestigious food. In the night the construction becomes a lantern and the water, almost by magic, turns into a mirror for the structure.






































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I progetti di edifici completamente nuovi sono il territorio di sperimentazione più completo per l’applicazione di principi, tecniche e materiali sostenibili. Li esaminiamo nella interezza del processo progettuale.
La vera frontiera per l’applicazione della architettura sostenibile è quella del recupero. E’ sempre meglio cercare di salvare vecchi edifici prima di abbatterli o edificare altrove occupando nuovo suolo. Con l’architettura sostenibile è possibile realizzare progetti di recupero di altissima qualità.
Il fermento scientifico attorno alla architettura sostenibile è molto alto. L’edilizia è un territorio molto vivace di sperimentazione di nuove tecnologie, nuovi materiali e soprattutto nuovi mix di soluzioni tra di essi.
This is the dawning of the Age of Graphene, the new material of the future at the focus of scientific research in major think tanks world-wide. Ecological, extremely versatile, cheap, it may soon be at the core of applied sustainability.

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